We offer many different types of installation services! All of which will allow you to enjoy movies, sports, sitcoms, nature shows – in fact anything you normally watch on TV the way the producers intended: with crystal clear pictures and riveting sound. There is a lot more to a good Home Theater than just a collection of great components. There are many compatibility and usability issues that many people overlook. That’s why a good Home Theater system needs to be designed with your environment, acoustics and line-of-sight in mind.

The difference between an average flat panel installation or home theater installation system and a really great system need not cost any more. But it is what your eyes and ears tell you which will be the difference. Real world experience is the San Diego Home Theater difference! We specialize in many the most sophisticated systems that are easy to use. We perform many services including Home Theater Installation, Satelite Dish Installation and Cable TV Installation. For example, a remote control that integrates the entire system into something that is simple to operate assures you of perfect reproduction every time. Contact us for a consultation.


Residential TV installation or commercial monitor installation for LCD televisions: 

  • LCD television installed on wall or table stand
  • Integration of all audio and video equipment
  • Programing universal remote controls


Commercial TV monitor installation or residential TV installation for Plasma televisions: 

  • Plasma television installed on wall or table stand
  • Plasma Screen Color Calibration
  • Installation and integration of all audio and video equipment
  • Programing universal remote controls


Projector & Screen, Home Theater, surround sound installation services for commercial or residential: 

  • Projector and Projector Screen Installation
  • Home Theater System integration
  • Full integration of all audio, including integration of in-wall speaker systems.
  • Includes integration of any type of video system including LCD, Plasma, DLP, LCoS, HD-ILA, or standard tube television.
  • Programming universal remote controls

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